At the core of my work is the relationship between humans and other animals, particularly in industry and livestock production—the alienation of bodies, individuals, and the distance to these bodies. During the last nine years, I have visited dozens of farms and agriculture production facilities in Norway to document and gather materials to use as the basis for my work.

My practice develops through connecting these visits with research in animal studies, ethics, environmental humanities, and ecologies. From there follows the process of carefully choosing imagery, using attentive and minimalistic aesthetics, to create works that combine theory with reality. I see my role as an artist not to formulate statements, but rather to make unnoticed and silent subjects visible through a different facet.

Iselin Linstad Hauge (b. 1981) lives in Oslo, Norway and works with film, text, photography.
Hauge’s work has been exhibited at film festivals and galleries around the world, including Nordic Outbreak, New York.; Hors Pistes at Centre Pompidou, Paris; Moscow International Film Festival; and the National Museum of Norway, Oslo. Her last soloshow was at Drammens Museum in 2019. She has studied at the European Film College in Denmark, received a bachelor degree in Fine Arts from the National Academy of Arts in Oslo, and a masters degree in Film at Valand Academy in Gothenburg. Since 2009 she has been co-editor and publisher of the Nordic art publication Spesial Nord.

iseliniselin [at] gmail [dot] com

photo by C.L.H