Untitled (human/meat)

A series of 9 photos
Each image 100 x 60 cm


Untitled (Human / Meat) differs from Iselin Linstad Hauge's previous work with loud video installations, in that the picture is frozen, and everything we viewers experience or read is triggered only by the visual information. The minimal and pure aesthetic composition emphasizes every detail in such a way that the monochrome gray background gets as much weight as the portraits. It is not far between the mortuary pictures of Serrano and Linstad Hauge's photo series, where common key words are clarity and grotesque reality. A realistic and concrete portrait of man with his favorite meat. Man lined up and pictured. The look is apathetic. Clear and distant at the same time (for I will be indifferent). The structure, color, luster and shape of the pieces of meat emphasize similarities between the living and the dead portrayed. It is as if these two components go up in symbiosis. They become one. Lord and dog, or You are what you eat. One piece of meat may not be so much. It is first and foremost food. Nevertheless, there is something that emerges in Linstad Hauge's photographs that equates the flesh with any leading aesthetic object. Through its appearance, the flesh takes control and sets the premises for how man is perceived, and just that is a little disturbing. 

Excerpt from catalog text by Marthe Walthinsen

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First showed as part of a groupshow at Stenersen Museum 2008.